Angela Morse - International Visual Arts Storyteller

Angela Morse

I was born and raised in a foreign country and was exposed from a very young age to various cultures, customs, languages, sights, sounds, and stories. My love of the arts developed early on, but it was through the love of stories and my desire to share them with the world that I began to explore ways that I could creatively impart my vision. Photography was the first medium in which I began to share my perspective of the world. It was only enhanced when I was introduced to the world of filmmaking and later graphic design.

My dream is to tell the stories of my heart and of the hearts of those around me to the world in a way that will inspire us to be a more selfless and compassionate to the needs of those around us. I hope to share my unique experiences with the world, through art, in a way that transcends language and cultural barriers.


I first discovered that I could capture the world through photography. I loved the way I could share the beauty of things I could see, with the rest of the world.


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This only expounded when I discovered film, and how I could bring to life the stories of the people around me in moving form in a more meaningful and impactful way. If a picture was a thousand words, how much more would moving pictures be worth?

Graphic Design

Graphic Design followed when I realized I could use this tool to enhance the visuals and complete the whole package from start to finish.